Why Your Shower Leaks

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We know you hate the leak in your shower floor, but we are determined to help you repair your leaking shower yourself so that you can SAVE $hundreds

We understand the frustration you are feeling?

IMPORTANT Facts you should know about your Leaking Shower and it’s repair:

  1. Replacing cracked grout with new tile grout and applying a water proof sealer will result in more cracks and leaks in the future. This is only a temporary solution at best;
  2. Brush on water proof surface coatings will NOT stop leaks from the most common area that leaks occur. This is where the wall and floor tiles have separated in the corner of your shower cubicle. DO NOT waste your money on these products because they do not work;
  3. You do not need a water detector apparatus to find a leak. Water always settles at the lowest point so water detectors are useless when trying to determine the source of a water leak;
  4. Even the best silicone and polyurethane sealants are only a temporary fix and will go green and mouldy causing your leak to re-occur.  This will not result in a permanent bathroom seal;
  5. You certainly do not have to pay someone else a lot of money to do what you can do yourself.  You just need to be able to follow the simple instructions provided with our kit and exercise reasonable care. 

Did you know that most leaking shower repairers are franchisees without proper qualifications. They attend a short course on how to repair a leaking shower. This is why so many customers complain about their poor workmanship.

In most cases your house (or apartment) will be the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. It is also a modern engineered structure designed to be flexible over time. The walls and floors of your dwelling are known to settle for many years after it is built. The constant use of your shower also causes unnoticeable vibration of the floor and walls. This vibration, along with the settlement of the entire dwelling, may cause small hairline cracks in various locations. Unfortunately, one of the most common areas to crack are the corners of the bathroom shower floor. This is because the tiles and the grout (in between) are rigid and inflexible. Any movement of the walls from the floor will cause the grout to crack and fall out. These cracks can also cause the waterproofing membrane to become brittle after water seeps through it. This is known as “vulcanisation” and is common with many rubber-based products that are continuously exposed to water. Vulcanisation causes the waterpoofing to become brittle.  It will rupture over time allowing water to leak through the wall or floor into adjoining rooms. Water leaks can cause hazardous mould and bacteria to build up, timber fixtures to swell, structural damage to occur and even attract destructive pests such as termites.

why your shower leaks

How Can You Fix This Leak?

Certainly not with conventional grout, silicone or polyurethane sealants, since even the best sealants will become mouldy, peel off and result in the leak returning in just a few months time. You can employ a tiler to rip up the tiles in your shower cubicle and install a plastic or copper waterproof tray on the shower floor. This will be expensive and you probably already realise that identical replacement tiles will be nearly impossible to find. The worst part about this is that the leak may stop,or it may not. Alternatively, you could pay someone to come out and seal the inside of the shower cubicle with a special sealant. The company will provide you a 15 year guarantee against leaking and you could pay them more than $700 for this service.

How many of these businesses will be around in 15 years time?

Isn’t this a lot to pay for something you can easily do yourself, in order to achieve the same (or better) result?

how to stop a leaking shower

Bathroom renovations can be an unnecessary nightmare


You Do Have A More Cost Effective Alternative…

If you consider yourself as a home handyperson and want to save more than two thirds of the cost of someone else coming out to repair your leaking shower you can invest in an easy to use “Seal It Yourself”, Do-It-Yourself permanent leaking shower base repair kit. It’s quick and easy to use and lasts as long as any other products offering a 15 year warranty.

before shower seal

Before “Seal It Yourself”.
Does this look familiar?

after shower seal

After “Seal It Yourself”. Looks
good, doesn’t it?

Whatever You Do, Be Careful And Be Informed

Many leaking shower repairers will try to tell you that sealing the inside of your shower cubicle may not fix the problem because the leak may be somewhere else. This may be the case but should you pay them an extra $500 just to change your leaking tap washer? It is up to you to find the exact source of the leak. You do not need fancy equipment, like a water detector, to find the location of the leak…just common sense and a thorough inspection of your shower and it’s adjoining rooms after you have used the shower. Studies have found that 95% of leaking shower cubicles are caused by the seperation of the wall tiles from the floor tiles around the inside base of the shower cubicle. In other words, the grout has cracked along the inside edges of the shower base. Chances are this is the cause of your leaking shower and you can fix it yourself using the “Seal It Yourself” leaking shower base repair kit.

…and best of all, not only will your shower base be permanently sealed from leaks, it will also look good and the new grout is 100% mould resistant. In fact, our product is more advanced than any other product on the market and will leave your shower cubicle looking like new. All you will notice is a discreet bead of white, grout-like material running along the bottom inside edge of your shower. Refer to the photo above for an actual shower leak that has been fixed with our kit.  

If you have coloured grout we can also advise you on how to tint the product to the exact colour your require.