Terms and Conditions

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Terms & Conditions of on-line sales from “Seal It Yourself”

  1.  ”Seal It Yourself” is a registered business name in New South Wales, Australia and subject to intellectual property laws;
  2. These terms & conditions form part of the on-line sales contract with customers who purchase the “Seal It Yourself” easy Do-It-Yourself leaking shower repair kit;
  3. All kits are shipped from Sydney, Australia using the domestic parcel post services of Australia Post and are shipped using Registered Post unless the shipment is urgent and requires the use of Express Post (extra charges apply);
  4. Although our records show that the success rate of repairing most types of leaking showers using our “Seal It Yourself” easy DIY Leaking Shower repair kits are very high no warranties are expressed or implied as to the success of repairing a leaking shower using the “Seal It Yourself” kit since it is beyond the control of “Seal It Yourself” as to how the kit is used and whether the repair instructions are followed correctly;
  5. Although each of the “Seal It Yourself” kits come with clear safety warnings printed on the Repair Instruction Sheet “Seal It Yourself” accepts no responsibility for customers misusing the product and suffering any form of injury as a result;
  6. “Seal It Yourself” ships the product in good faith and cannot accept returns from customers who may decide that the product is not appropriate in repairing their leaking shower;
  7. Once the shipping box has been opened it is assume that the customer has irrefutably accepted the sale and will not be able to return the product due to the instructions enclosed inside having proprietary information that may be disclosed to the customer in the repair of leaking shower techniques.  These repair techniques form part of the sale;
  8. The contents of each kit may vary from the photographs shown on this website but will perform the same or similar functionality when repairing your leaking shower using the instructions enclosed with the kit.
  9. All prices are in Australian dollars ($AUD) and apply only to residents of Australia.