Not sure where your shower leaks from ? Do the simple water test

Some customers are unsure about where their shower is leaking from.  To check this you can perform a simple leak test to reassure yourself that the “Seal It Yourself” is the right permanent solution for you.

The test goes like this:

  1. Get hold of a small plunger or a medium-sized wet towel.  Place the plunger or wet towel over the drain (floor waste) of the shower you want to test so that it forms an almost water proof seal (refer to the diagram below);
  2. Fill the shower cubicle with at least two large buckets of water obtained from a source other than the shower taps.  Leave it and inspect the leaking area again to see if it is still leaking from the same location;
  3. If the shower is still leaking from the same location the chances are that your shower water proof membrane has been compromised and you can confidently use the “Seal It Yourself” kit to permanently and professionally repair your leaking shower.  If, on the other hand, it is not leaking anymore you may need to call a plumber since it may be an issue with the water pipes or taps inside your shower wall cavity or an issue with your drain pipe (waste) underneath your shower floor.

Leaking Shower Water Test

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