Privacy Policy

padlockSeal It Yourself TM respects your privacy, as well as the security of your personal information. We understand your information is personal and are committed to protecting it at all times. We also respect the privacy of all details supplied to us regarding your leaking shower.


Your Contact Information

All contact information provided by guests who visit our site including e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and residential/postal addresses will be used solely for the purpose indicated on this website. The contact details provided by a visitor will not be used for marketing purposes or mailing lists without the express permission of that visitor.


Credit Card details

All credit card details supplied by customers purchasing the “Seal It Yourself” kit are securely stored by Pay Pal. These details are used solely for the purpose of billing the customer for the kit and any such details provided will be kept strictly confidential by Pay Pal in accordance with their terms & conditions and the applicable privacy laws. ”Seal It Yourself” has no direct access to your credit card details and only receives payment from Pay Pal as an intermediary.  If you have any queries regarding your payment or the privacy of your credit card details please refer these directly to Pay Pal on their website:  “Seal It Yourself” accepts no responsibility or liability for the unauthorised disclosure of your credit card details by Pay Pal.


Contributions to our “Customer Testimonials”

All customers that have (or would like to) contribute to the “Customer Testimonials” page have expressly agreed to allow us to publish their testimonial on this website. We shall never publish the details or the testimonial of a customer unless they provide us with a written authority to do so.