Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ’s about Leaking Showers

“Seal It Yourself” have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions over the years from visitors to our website and from customers who have purchased our easy DIY Leaking Shower Repair Kit.  Here are some of the most common questions:


1.  Can I purchase your kit from a hardware store or do you have a store where I can pick one up?

“Seal It Yourself” sells its easy DIY kits and Leaking Shower Repairer trade packs exclusively on-line and so we don’t have a store.  This is so we can keep the prices down.  If you have any questions please email them to us and one of our friendly customer success officers will reply as soon as they can.


2.  I have a shower base made of plastic or acrylic or fibreglass.  Will your kit seal my leaking shower?

Our kit can be used to seal any type of leaking shower including those with an acrylic base such as “marble trend”TM or plastic or fibreglass.  Your shower floor does not have to be made from tiles.  The only requirement is that the floor and substrate are structurally sound, solid and rigid.  If they are not you may have to consult with a licensed builder before attempting any type of leaking shower repair.  A reputable leaking shower repair businesses should also give you the same advice.


3.  Does the sealing compound included in your kit come in different colours?

The high strength, flexible sealing compound included in our kits only comes in white and sets to an off white colour. However, it can be tinted to any colour you desire including sand and charcoal which are two of the most commonly requested colours.  You can use any reputable water-based oxide, tint, dye or paint that may be purchased at any hardware or craft store.  Just remember to add as little as possible.


4.  How large a shower can one of your kits repair?

The “Seal It Yourself” single leaking shower repair kit (SIYSK01) can repair a leaking shower of up to 1.4m x 1.4m square or equivalent in floor area.  Each kit does contain a little extra sealing compound just in case you need it.  If you have two leaking showers you may be better off purchasing the “Dual Leaking Shower Repair Kit” (SIYSK02).


5.  Do I need to scrape away all the old conventional tile grout in order to seal the leaking shower?

No.  The instructions enclosed with the kit specify which areas need to be sealed and take you through an easy step-by-step process.  The instructions also include full colour photographs of the repair process.


6.  How difficult is the Repair Process?

We have made the repair process as easy to follow as we could possibly make it.  We understand that it may not be for everyone.  But for those people who enjoy the pride of their own workmanship and who want to save the $850 to $1,000 that a leaking shower repairer would charge them to do an almost identical repair job using a much more superior grade sealing compound we suggest you consider using the “Seal It Yourself” Leaking Shower Repair Kit.


7.  How do I know the “Seal It Yourself” kit will repair my particular type of leaking shower?

If you think your leaking shower is unique we hate to disappoint you by telling you it probably falls within the 90% of other home owners who’s showers leak for the same reason.  This is where the floor tiles and the wall tiles inside your shower cubicle have seperated causing tiny hairline cracks to allow water to seep through the underlying water proof membrane.  In our 20 years of property maintenance and leaking shower repair experience we have found this to be the most common cause.  The good news is that since it is such a common problem there is a common and permanent solution.  If you are still unsure about whether our kit can repair your leaking shower you can always get a quote from a leaking shower repair company and ask them to tell you why your shower is leaking.  If they tell you its for the same reason you should consider using our kit to repair your leak since you could be saving more than $800.


8.  Can I purchase just the high strength, flexible sealing compound if I need to repair a second leaking shower?

Many repeat customers purchase just the “Seal It Yourself Easy DIY – 1 x Extra Sealant Pack” (SIYSK03) to repair a second shower after first purchasing the SIYSK01 Kit since they still have the tools and understand the repair process from the Instructions included with the SIYSK01 Kit.  This Sealant Pack is a little cheaper than purchasing an entire kit again and was introduced as a loyalty reward for our many returning home handy person customers who wanted to repair a second or third leaking shower.