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The “Seal It Yourself” DIY leaking shower base repair kit is so easy to use. It comes with an easy to follow detailed instruction sheet with full colour photographs of the entire repair process. If you consider yourself as a bit of a home handyman (or woman) you will have no problem in completing the repairs yourself. The kit comes complete with all the materials, tools and safety gear needed to complete a permanent repair of your leaking shower, giving you everlasting peace of mind. You should allow at least two hours of your time to carry out the repairs using the kit. This length of time includes cleaning of the shower cubicle and drying time between the steps. Just look at what other satisfied customers who have purchased and used the “Seal It Yourself” Do It Yourself kit have said about the result…

Saving customers big $$$ with added peace of mind

Ordered this last month, after my tiled shower kept leaking, so far it has been dry, dry dry. Thank you SIY, you rushed the shipment for me and were so easy to work with. I’m recommending you to everyone. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Facebook post by Mr. Tom Smolko from NJ in the USA


Recommended by NRMA Emergency Home Assist

Leaking shower floor:

If the problem is in your shower floor, then removing a couple of tiles and sealing the waterproof coating where the tiles and the floor have separated can work wonders. Products such as Seal It Yourself enable you to fix what may seem like a major problem fairly easily. By fixing the problem yourself, you can save up to 60 per cent compared with hiring a plumber.



Great Product with a great result.

Hi guys thank you for all your info it was great help and the shower job was a success with no leaks after very happy with the product.  I like the product very much and have recommended it to my friends thank you once again regards.

Bill R, Harrisdale, W.A.


Testimonial from a person who used a “leading” leaking shower repair company AND NOT the SIYS Easy DIY Leaking Shower Repair Kit. WARNING: His story may shock you!

Had my bathroom done 10 years ago, had a 12 year warranty, so got the shower re-sealed last year (but still had to pay $750 even though it was still under warranty), and ever since it has been a nightmare. The new seal lasted less than a month. I rang ##########  to fix it, but instead they ended up cracking the existing tiles, which now looks terrible. I have been overcharged and now out of pocket. My family and I haven’t been able to use the shower for 4 months now and there is salt damp which needs fixing now too.

name witheld, S.A


Impressed repeat customer

I had purchased and used one of your kits on the main bathroom shower and I am impressed…. so this purchase is to do my ensuite shower. A couple of years ago I paid $440 per shower to have ‘sealed’ by a professional !!! and the both showers were leaking again within 18 months. The ‘professional’ used a clear liquid to ‘seal’ the grout and a coloured silicone to ‘seal’ the base/wall corners… the silicone lifted off easily and I could see that the original grout was still there with gaping holes.. so once the silicone let go… there was nothing to stop the water from leaking again. I am impressed with your kit that after taking out all the old grout, and replacing with your solution, I am left with a hardened non porous grout like plug that appears to be water proof…. YAY… finally no sodden carpet in the spare bedroom…. NOW for my ensuite shower…

Lynn, Busselton, W.A.

One easy permanent solution for two leaking showers

I own a single storey 7 year old double brick & concrete slab 4 x 2 house and was disappointed to find that both of the showers had started to leak badly at the wall tile/floor tile joints. The tile grout at these joints had broken up & fallen out. Water was seeping in under the floor tiles causing both rising damp up the internal walls and unsightly staining of the bathroom floor tile joints.


The plaster on the affected walls had developed lines of effervesance near the floor which, when brushed off , left large, ugly gouges in the plaster. It appeared that no water proofing had been applied in the shower wells at the time of construction. I looked online for a way of dealing with the problem without involving any tile removal and decided to try “sealityourself”. The kit arrived in a few days and I found it was comprehensive. It included good documentation of the nature of the problem and the correct way to apply the waterproof tile grout supplied. The repair work took a few hours per shower and the end result was a neat white grout line around the base of the shower. The grout dried into a hard bead that adhered strongly to the tiles, fully plugging up the gaps left by the missing original tile grout. This is a relatively low cost repair method that is quite suitable to be tackled as a DIY project. Most importantly it appears to have worked.


Happy customer

“I am forwarding you this email as I have had 2 years of fighting with my building company to eliminate the problem with leaking showers as the repair was to be covered by indemnity, with many attempts using reputable companies like [well known leaking shower repair company name witheld]. The process was very long winded with little or no success, a lot of blame bouncing back and forth from builder to contractor, contractor to [well known leaking shower repair company name witheld] who only applied the resins to the corners and base of the showers and sealants to the rest. I eventually took things into my own hands and purchased your kit and I must say I was very pleased with the results and it didn’t look too bad at all. I must apologize for taking this long to get back to you as I wanted to see the long term effects as I was a bit apprehensive as the so called professionals failed to get results even though they assured me with every patch up job they wouldn’t have any more problems, 6 months later I would be calling them back. I purchased your kit about 12 months ago and I am ecstatic with the results, now I need to do the second shower… I have recommended your product to a lot of people I know as it [leaking shower] appears to be a very common problem when a house gets 8+ years”.

Stewart from Millbridge, W.A.


Don’t get overcharged by leaking shower repairers

“Hi Seal It Yourself. I just thought I’d send in a few snapshots of my leaking shower before and after I used your kit. You know you saved me a bundle from what company’s such as DiaOseal wanted to charge me. Although many of the other repairers provide the same service and are even cheaper than DiaOseal most of them claim they need to replace my tap washers and grind away inside my shower cubicle. I found that none of this was necessary with your advanced sealant and it was just a way they could justify their $550 plus fee using their cheaper sealants. They bloody wanted to charge me $350 extra over the price of your kit just to replace my tap washers!!! No thanks. I really want the public out there to know that your kit was easy to use and the result looks beautiful. Thanks for all the good, honest advice and the reasonable price. I don’t know why anyone would want to pay someone else to repair their leaking shower when your kit is so easy to use and does such a fantastic job. Have a look…”

Petar, Howeowner in Bankstown, NSW”

shower leak shower leak 2


It’s so easy to use but it works and looks great “

I had spent a fortune on the best Polyurethane water proofing membrane money could buy for the wet areas of my house. I had heard horror stories from other people who had built houses and their bathrooms started to leak. I wanted to make sure it didn’t happen to me. You can imagine how furious I was when I discovered the ensuite shower base in my house started to leak through the wall at the base. My walk in robe started to swell around the floor as the leak permeated through the adjoining ensuite wall. My local hardware store recommended I use a high grade silicone sealant to fix the problem. I applied the silicone but after a few months the silicone went mouldy, dark green and started to fall out. The shower began leaking again. There had to be a permanent solution without the hefty prices charged by the bathroom renovators and those leak repair mobs that say they can repair your leak without removing tiles. That’s when a real estate agent friend of mine recommended the “Seal It Yourself” DIY kit. He said they have been recommending the kit to all of their landlords for years and that it was now available to the general public. I am an office worker and consider myself a basic home handyman. I found the kit easy to use and the instructions where very clear. My shower has never leaked again. Thanks Seal It Yourself. You saved me a packet”.

Adam, Office Clerk and house owner in Prestons, NSW.


Quick and easy permanent solution

peter“I told my realtor that the main bathroom shower cubicle appeared to be leaking in the house that my wife and I were renting. They advised the landlord who asked me to stop using the shower so that it could dry. By the following weekend the landlord had come out to repair the leak using the “Seal It Yourself” DIY leaking shower repair kit. It only took him around two and half hours, including cleaning and drying to complete the repair. He said it was great and that he had used it on the other properties that he owned. We were able to use the shower on the following evening and it has never leaked since. I was grateful to the landlord for the no-fuss, quick repair and even more grateful to Seal It Yourself for saving me from the hassle of having the whole shower cubicle renovated. I recommend the “Seal It Yourself” kit to all my friends now”.

Peter, Glazier and Tenant at Hoxton Park, NSW


Used by landlords, recommended by Real Estate Agents

real_estate_agent_3“We have an average six landlords a month using the “Seal It Yourself” kit to repair their leaking shower bases. I think it is great value for money and the most cost effective solution we have found to permanently repair a leaking shower cubicle base yourself. It works and we always recommend the kit to all our landlords”.

Anthony, Property Manager for Real Estate Agency in Sydney, NSW


Seal It Yourself” saved me money

lindaOne day the bathroom shower started to leak in my unit shortly after I had purchased it. Although it was situated in an established complex of units I was distraught with the cost of having to pay for expensive bathroom repairs and renovations soon after I had just borrowed heavily to buy my own place. A friend of mine heard about the “Seal It Yourself” kit and suggested I look into it. I took a chance and decided to buy the kit from the website and followed the step-by-step instructions to complete the repairs. Even though I wasn’t much of a handywoman I found the kit easy to use and ended up getting very fussy with its application. The end result looked fantastic and gave me peace of mind. It also saved me a lot of money. Being an Accountant, that’s important to me. I have recommended the kit to everyone I know who had a water leak coming from their shower.

Linda, Accountant and Unit owner from Summer Hill, NSW


Why pay someone else for what you can easily do yourself

home_renovator_couple_2We purchased our house over 20 years ago and found the shower in the ensuite had started leaking only recently. I am a carpenter by trade and was recommended the “Seal It Yourself” kit by a mate of mine in the trade. I had already tried a high grade silicone but it just kept coming off after turning a mouldy brown. I used the kit. It was easy to apply and the result looked great. No more leaks and nothing to worry about. Just like “Seal It” say, why pay someone else to do what you can do yourself, and save money.

Michael, Carpenter and House owner from Mount Coorparoo, Qld


Do it yourself. Seal It Yourself and save money $$$